Recent Student Publication and Presentation

  • Supriya Muthal, Sen Li, Yuan Huang, Xiangyang Li, Nathan Bos, Anton Dahbura, and Kylie Molinaro, A Phishing Study of User Behavior with Incentive and Informed intervention, National Cyber Summit’17, Huntsville, Alabama, June 7-8, 2017. (Fall 2016-Spring 2017)
  • Chanyang Shin,  Prerit Chandok,  Ran Liu,  Seth Nielson, Timothy Leschke, “iThings-154,” To appear in The 10th IEEE International Conference on Internet of Things (iThings-2017) to be held in Exeter, England, UK, 21-23 June 2017. (Spring 2017)
  • Nikunj Malik, Jayanarayan Chandramouli,  Prahlad Suresh, Kevin D. Fairbanks, Lanier Watkins, and William H. Robinson, “Using Network Traffic To Verify Mobile Device Forensic Artifacts,” To Appear in the IEEE Consumer Communications & Networking Conference, January 2017. (Spring 2017)
  • Jayanarayan Chandramouli,  Juan Ramos, Lakshmi Srinivasan, Prahlad Suresh, Garth V. Crosby, and Lanier Watkins, “Using Network Traffic to Infer Compromised Neighbors in Wireless Sensor Nodes,” To Appear in the IEEE Consumer Communications & Networking Conference Workshop, January 2017. (Spring 2017)
  • Lanier Watkins, Sean Beck, Jared Zook, Anna Buczak, Jeffery Chavis, William H. Robinson, Jose A. Morales, and Sameul Mishra, “Using Semi-supervised Machine Learning to Address the Big Data Problem in DNS Networks,” To Appear in IEEE Computing and Communication Workshop and Conference, January 2017. (Spring 2017)
  • Lanier Watkins, John Hurley, Shuang Xie, and Tianning Yang, “Enhancing Cybersecurity by Defeating the Attack Lifecycle: Using Mobile Device Resource Usage Patterns to Detect Unauthentic Mobile Applications”, Journal of Information Warfare (JIW), October 2016. (Fall 2016 Project)
  • Rahul Nair, Chinmohan Nayak, Kashif Memon, Lanier Watkins, Kevin Fairbanks, and William H. Robinson, “The Resource Usage Viewpoint of Industrial Control System Security: An Inference-based Intrusion Detection System” Accepted in Cybersecurity for Industry 4.0: Analysis for Design and Manufacturing, (edited by Lane Thames and Dirk Schafer), Springer, 2017. (Spring 2016 Project)
  • Rahul Nair, Chinmohan Nayak, Kashif Memon, Lanier Watkins, Kevin Fairbanks, and William H. Robinson,”An Inference-Based Industrial Control System (ICS) Intrusion Detection Prototype”,Malware Technical Exchange Meeting (MTEM) Presentation, June 2016.  (Spring 2016 Project)
  • Michael Hooper , Yifan Tian, Runzuan Zhou, Bin Cao, Adrian P. Lauf, Lanier Watkins, William H. Robinson, Wlajimir Alexis, “Securing Commercial WiFi-Based UAVs From
    Common Security Attacks,” MilCom 2016, Baltimore, MD, November 1-3, 2016. (Fall 2015 Project)
  • Y. Hu, X. Li, and X. Mountrouidou, Improving Covert Storage Channel Analysis with SDN and Experimentation on GENI, National Cyber Summit’16, Huntsville, Alabama, June 7-9, 2016. (Fall 2015 Project)
  • Lanier Watkins, Kurt Silberberg, Jose A Morales, and William H. Robinson, “Using Inherent Command and Control Vulnerabilities To Halt DDoS Attacks,” In IEEE Proceedings of the International Conference on Malicious and Unwanted Software (MALCON), October 2015. (Spring 2015 Project)
  • Georgios Lontorfos, Kevin D Fairbanks, Lanier Watkins, and William H. Robinson, “Remotely Inferring Device Manipulation of Industrial Control Systems Via Network Behavior,” In Proceedings of IEEE Workshop on Network Measurements (WNM), October 2015. (Fall 2014 Project)
  • Heng Song and Xiangyang Li, “Collaborative Detection of Covert Storage Channels,” MilCom 2016, Baltimore, MD, November 1-3, 2016. (Fall 2014 Project)
  • Fangyue Chen, Yunke Wang, Heng Song, and Xiangyang Li, “A Statistical Study of Covert Timing Channels Using Network Packet Frequency,” IEEE International Conference on Intelligence and Security Informatics (IEEE ISI 2015), Baltimore, May 2015. (Spring 2014 Project)
  • Christina Kawka, Benjamin Schmidt, Lanier Watkins, Cherita Corbett, and Kevin Fairbanks, “Fighting Banking Trojans: The Offensive Tactical Reconnaissance (OTR) Platform,” Malware Technical Exchange Meeting (MTEM) 2014, July 2014. (Spring 2014 Project)
  • Mengchao Yue, William H. Robinson, Lanier Watkins, and Cherita Corbett, “Constructing Timing-Based Covert Channels in Mobile Networks by Adjusting CPU Frequency,” Hardware and Architectural Support for Security and Privacy (HASP 2014) / The 41st International Symposium on Computer Architecture (ISCA 2014), June 2014. (Fall 2013 Project)
  • Matthew Brocker and Steve Checkoway, “iSeeYou: Disabling the MacBook Webcam Indicator LED,” In K. Fu, ed. Proceedings of USENIX Security 2014. USENIX, August 2014. (Spring 2013 Project)

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