MSSI Course Distribution

(Updated in March 2024)

All courses supporting the MSSI program are categorized as one of four areas of Technology, Policy, Health, and Management. Each course is further classified into the Core, Elective or Foundational category.

(F- Fall, S-Spring, Q-Quarter – The information, only as a reference, is subject to changes.)

Core Technology Courses

  • EN.601.640 Web Security (F)
  • EN.601.642 Modern Cryptography (F) (Core Crypto)
  • EN.601.643 Security and Privacy in Computing (F)
  • EN.601.740 Language-based Security (S)
  • EN.601.741 Advanced Topics in Secure & Censorship-resistant Communications (S)
  • EN.601.742 Advanced Topics in Cryptography (S) (Core Crypto)
  • EN.601.743 Advanced Topics in Computer Security (S)
  • EN.601.745 Advanced Topics in Applied Cryptography (F) (Core Crypto)
  • EN.650.601 Introduction to Information Security (F)
  • EN.650.621 Critical Infrastructure Protection (F)
  • EN.650.624/EN.601.644 Network Security (S)
  • EN.650.631 Ethical Hacking (S)
  • EN.650.645/EN.601.645 Practical Cryptographic Systems (S) (Core Crypto)
  • EN.650.654 Computer Intrusion Detection (S)
  • EN.650.656 Computer Forensics (F)
  • EN.650.658 Introduction to Cryptography (F)(Core Crypto)
  • EN.650.660 Software Vulnerability Analysis (F)
  • EN.650.663 Cloud Computing Security (F)
  • EN.650.667 Mobile Device Forensics (S)
  • EN.650.671/EN.553.371 Cryptography and Coding (S)(Core Crypto)
  • EN.650.672 Security Analytics (F)
  • EN.650.673 Mobile and Wireless Security (F)
  • EN.650.724/EN.601.744 Advanced Network Security (F)
  • EN.650.757 Advanced Computer Forensics (S)

Elective Technology Courses

Core Policy Courses

Core Management Courses

Foundational Management Courses (offered by CLE)

(Note that two of these short courses together count as one regular course of three credits.)

  • EN.663.644 Writing for Clarity
  • EN.663.645 Improving Presentation Skills for Graduate Students
  • EN.663.660 Managing People and Resolving Conflict
  • EN.663.670 Project Management
  • EN.663.671 Leading Change
  • EN.663.673 Leading and Managing Teams in Virtual, Local and Global Settings
  • EN.663.674 Fundamentals of Management

Core Health Courses

(Note that two of these short courses together count as one regular course of three credits.)

  • ME.250.750.0 Design Discovery for Health Care (Q3)
  • ME.250.901.0 Health Sciences Informatics: Knowledge Engineering and Decision Support (S,Q4)
  • ME.250.952.0 Leading Change Through Health IT (F, Q2)
  • ME.250.953.0 Introduction to Biomedical Informatics (F,Q1)

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