The Johns Hopkins University Information Security Institute (ISI) is the University’s focal point for research and education in information security, assurance and privacy. Securing cyberspace and our national information infrastructure is more critical now than ever before, and it can be achieved only when the core technology, legal and policy issues are adequately addressed.

ISI is committed to a comprehensive approach that includes input from academia, industry and government. The University, through ISI‘s leadership, has thus been designated as a Center of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance by the National Security Agency and leading experts in the field.

Through our broad range of educational opportunities including a ground-breaking graduate program and leading edge research in foundational science and applied technologies, ISI is having a significant impact in the region and nationwide. Our research in networking, wireless, systems evaluation, medical privacy and electronic voting, among other areas, is widely circulated among academics and policy-makers. Moreover, ISI is instrumental in homeland security efforts across Hopkins, including emergency health preparedness, bio-terrorism and national defense.

JHU Information Security Institute