Capstone Project

In general, the MSSI Capstone Project will include both technology and non-technology components, and will be conducted within a team-structured environment comprised of students and faculty mentors (plus external mentors if appropriate). These projects can be sponsored by government/industry partners and affiliates and can also be related to faculty research programs supported by grants and contracts. They should relate to real-world problems and exhibit both theoretical and practical significance. The project must be documented by a report and presentation, as well as other applicable deliverables including but not limited to system prototypes, utility libraries, experimental demonstrations, conference or journal submissions, and so on. It should follow the best practice of system design and development.

Students should actively initiate the project while communicating with a potential faculty mentor. They are expected to develop a project plan before the project starts. A presentation will be scheduled when the project concludes. The faculty mentor should approve each milestone of the project. When the project is completed with all the deliverables, the faculty mentor determines whether the project is satisfactory for the MSSI degree requirement.

Click on “MSSI Capstone Project Requirements” for detailed requirements.

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