Welcome to ISI!

September 3, 2019

Since its founding 19 years ago, ISI has been a vibrant focal point for information security research and education.  Our research scope has grown with the recent addition of Assistant Professor Yinzhi Cao, with varied interests in areas such as web security and privacy, mobile security and privacy, and machine learning security and privacy.  Of course, our institute is already well-known for the applied cryptography work of Assistant Professor Matthew Green, Assistant Professor Abhishek Jain and Associate Research Professor Susan Hohenberger Waters.  Finally, Prof. Avi Rubin has been leading the way in research on medical device security and Internet of Things (IoT) security, among other activities.  Our program also boasts two Fellows from APL, Dr. Lanier Watkins and Dr. Ashutosh Dutta, who collaborate with ISI faculty on research and also mentor our students.

The next few months will mark an important transition for research at Johns Hopkins as we establish the Institute for Assured Autonomy (IAA) in partnership with the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab (APL) and the other divisions of the university. IAA has been envisioned to bridge the gap between the fast-paced development of autonomous systems to ensure that those systems will operate safely, securely, reliably, and predictably.  The mission of IAA covers the full spectrum of research across the three pillars of technology, ecosystem, and policy and governance.  Stay tuned for more information as we roll out this exciting new institute!

Our full-time Master of Science in Security Informatics (MSSI) program boasts over 600 alumni with exciting careers in industry, government and academia around the world.  Our broad, holistic approach to cybersecurity prepares our students for careers in technological and thought leadership in cybersecurity, with courses on topics ranging from legal, moral and ethical aspects of security and privacy to risk management and security global policy, in addition to a core of the latest technical topics taught by world-class experts in the field.

ISI’s efforts are quite varied to maximize our impact.  We host around 24 seminars per year from outside organizations to share information with our students and enable recruiting opportunities; our students participate in numerous technical- and policy-oriented competitions; we have developed a set of exciting on-line video lectures and teaching materials geared to advanced high school and community college students to whet their appetites for the challenges and opportunities of cybersecurity; our faculty testifies regularly before the Maryland legislature on cybersecurity-related issues; we visit local high schools and community/business groups to discuss cybersecurity defense best practices; finally, we make sure that our students attend conferences such as Grace Hopper and RSA, to name a few.

We’re also excited about co-hosting the Sixth Annual Cyber Security Conference for Executives to be held in March 25, 2020 in Baltimore.  As always, our speakers will address the most important challenges in cybersecurity that organizations face, and the event offers a terrific opportunity to network with our regions industry leaders.   Registration information will be posted on our website soon.

Please take a moment to read in more detail about exciting research now underway at ISI and feel free to share the information with your online community and networks.  Be sure to join ours by following us on Twitter and liking us on Facebook.


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