2018 Design Day

Design Day is the culmination of the Johns Hopkins translational education experience and provides students with the opportunity to display their research, engineering solutions, and prototypes.

Johns Hopkins Engineering's 2018 Design Day will take place on Tuesday, May 8.


City Council president introduces package of resolutions granting internet access

WBAL-TV 11 reports that the Baltimore City Council president has introduced a package of resolutions to grant internet access to all city residents.

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The Analytics Guy Failed to Compute One Thing: How to Be Accepted in Mexico

Anton Dahbura's work in baseball analytics and the difficulty of gaining acceptance for sabermetrics in the Mexican baseball system.

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JHUISI Students Participate in 2018 Cyber 9/12 Student Challenge

Students are confronted with a cyber policy challenge and must respond with written and oral presentations in front of a panel of judges.

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Hopkins Mechanical Engineering Students Partner with JHUISI to Assess Security of Authentication System

Mechanical Engineering students develop an authentication system to grant or deny access to machinery in the Whiting School's machine shop.

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JHU Information Security Institute