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Johns Hopkins scientists brings down hobby drones to expose security flaws

June 8, 2016

Sales of drones—small flying machines equipped with cameras—are soaring, but new research by a Johns Hopkins computer security team has raised concerns about how easily hackers could cause these robotic devices to ignore their human controllers—and potentially crash to the ground. Five graduate students and their professor discovered three different ways to send rogue commands […]

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JHUISI Student Jessica Vallejo discusses women in cybersecurity at the 2016 Women in Cybersecurity Conference

April 8, 2016

In Their Own Words—special edition podcast from the Women in Cybersecurity – WiCyS Conference 2016. The CyberWire sat down with JHUISI Student Jessica Vallejo along with a range of women, from students to industry leaders, for candid conversations about their personal journeys, their experiences as women in a male dominated field, and their advice to women considering […]

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