JHUISI’s Matt Green among EFF 2016 Pioneer Award recipients

August 11, 2016
Matthew D. Green

Matthew D. Green

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has awarded a 2016 Pioneer Award to the group behind the “Keys Under Doormats” report on data security and backdoors for law enforcement access to digital information and communications. Matt Green, assistant professor of computer science, was one of the report authors.

“The ‘Keys Under Doormats’ report has been central to grounding the current encryption debates in scientific realities,” said the EFF in the award announcement. “The authors of the report are all security experts, building the case that weakening encryption for surveillance purposes could never allow for any truly secure digital transactions.”

Security experts and researchers from MIT, Stanford University, Columbia University, Cambridge University, Johns Hopkins University, Microsoft Research, SRI International, and Worcester Polytechnic Institute contributed to the report.

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