New ISI course uncovers online scams used by cyber criminals

April 29, 2020

Phishing scammers, beware! Information Security Institute’s graduate student fall course, Cybersecurity Hygiene & Literacy in a Digital Age, will expose all your online conning tactics. For Karol Pierre, the course instructor, it’s personal. While finishing up her typical day of classes during her sophomore year at Villanova University, she called her parents, presumably home in […]

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ISI’s Yaamini Barathi Mohan and Hyoeun Choi attend 2020 RSA Conference

April 22, 2020

“The RSA conference was an exhilarating experience for a student who is starting out in the cyber security field,” said Master of Science in Security Informatics program student Yaamini Barathi Mohan. Mohan and fellow Master of Science in Security Informatics program student, Hyoeun Choi, joined over 45,000 attendees at the RSA conference held in San […]

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Voting by mail might be safer, but is it secure?

April 22, 2020

Avi Rubin, Information Security Institute’s Technical Director, gives opinion on the security threats of voting by posting  mail in the upcoming elections. Voting by postal mail is an increasingly attractive option for the upcoming November election. While “vote by mail” systems have several drawbacks, in the face of COVID-19 and the need to keep a […]

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How coronavirus may affect our elections, ISI’s Avi Rubin, TEDxMidAtlantic

April 1, 2020

Prof. Avi Rubin is a professor of computer science at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland. In a special “Coronaviruws Conversation” with TEDxMidAtlantic curator Dave Troy, he explains how the pandemic may affect our elections, and helps us to understand the kinds of trade-offs that may be necessary in this difficult election year.

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