ISI’s Yaamini Barathi Mohan and Hyoeun Choi attend 2020 RSA Conference

April 22, 2020

2020 RSA Scholar Yaamini Barathi Mohan

“The RSA conference was an exhilarating experience for a student who is starting out in the cyber security field,” said Master of Science in Security Informatics program student Yaamini Barathi Mohan. Mohan and fellow Master of Science in Security Informatics program student, Hyoeun Choi, joined over 45,000 attendees at the RSA conference held in San Francisco, CA from February 24-28, 2020.

The IT security conference gathers cybersecurity industry experts from around the country and abroad to present research and share best practices. “The conference was huge, it was a cyber security universe,” said Mohan.

2020 RSA Scholar Hyoeun Choi

This year, the conference offered College Day for the students where RSAC sponsors like Intuit, Dell, RSA, Microsoft, Lockheed Martin, NBC Universal and Walmart came together to talk to the students about the job openings in their companies. This provided a networking opportunity for conference attendees who spoke with the recruiters about internships.

“Networking was the best part of the conference, we had the opportunity to meet other security scholars from Universities like MIT, Columbia, Stanford and so on and got to discuss the commendable work that all of them are doing in the security field,” said Mohan.


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