Online Engineering for Professionals (EP) Courses Approved for

Home2Homewood Students of Master of Science in Security Informatics (MSSI)

The Whiting School of Engineering is pleased to announce Home2Homewood (H2H), an exciting new option for students admitted to the MSSI program. Starting in summer 2019, students may take up to three courses online at home before arriving on campus for full-time study  at the Homewood campus in Baltimore, MD.

Spring 2019 

  • Up to three (3) online EP courses from the following are acceptable for an Home2Homewood student to take in the summer (S) before arriving on campus for full-time study.
  • These courses may satisfy the MSSI course requirements in corresponding course categories.
  • Other EP courses may be approved by the ISI advisor as appropriate.


Core Technology Courses

EN.695.601 – Foundations of Information Assurance (S)

EN.695.622 – Web Security (S)

EN.695.641 – Cryptology (Core Cryptography) (S)

EN.695.642 – Intrusion Detection (S)

EN.695.712 – Authentication Technologies in Cybersecurity (S)


Elective Technology Courses

EN.605.621 – Foundations of Algorithms (S)

JHU Information Security Institute