Security informatics graduate students to present paper at upcoming IEEE Computing and Communication Workshop and Conference

March 1, 2023

A group of Johns Hopkins University graduate students recently had their research accepted to the 2023 IEEE 13th Annual Computing and Communication Workshop and Conference. Manoj Valeti, Shao Wenda, and Niu Sihan, all graduate students in the security informatics program, will present the paper titled ‘Explainable Autonomic Cybersecurity for Industrial Control Systems.’

Industrial control systems are commonly used in industry and in critical infrastructure, such as transportation, energy, and manufacturing. The authors of the paper proposed a novel machine learning-based intrusion detection system that could benefit ICS networks because they combine autonomic cybersecurity with explainability, which helps established increased human trust in artificial intelligence.

“We believe that the suggested autonomic cyber security strategy, which employs decision trees, has the ability to manage the rising concern of advanced persistent threats on ICS, while reducing resource needs and offering explainable decision-making,” explains Valeti. “Using such a strategy might dramatically improve critical infrastructure resilience and security, eventually protecting society from the potentially disastrous repercussions of cyber assaults.”

The authors will present the paper virtually at IEEE CCWC in March 2023.


JHU Information Security Institute