ISI in the news: Joe Carrigan and “Hacking Humans” makes NYT top podcast list

June 24, 2022

IMAGE CREDIT: Irene Rinaldi, New York Times

The New York Times released their list of top podcasts on “The Dark Side of the Internet,” listing Hacking Humans cohosted by ISI’s Joe Carrigan.  Hosted on The CyberWire, Hacking Humans is a weekly podcast highlighting social engineering scams, phishing scams, and criminal exploits of cyberattacks that are taking tolls on organizations and individuals around the world.

Hacking Humans celebrated their 200th episode on June 16, 2022, with their most recent episode highlighting North Korea and the ongoing cyber war across the globe.

From the New York Times:
‘Hacking Humans’

Cybercrime has snowballed so rapidly that the world has been caught off guard; last year’s ransomware attack on a major U.S. pipeline highlighted just how vulnerable many of our institutions are, not to mention our individual data. “Hacking Humans” doesn’t shy away from that disturbing reality, but it’s also never alarmist. Instead, it takes a lighthearted and calm approach to what are, essentially, true crime stories about the internet. The hosts, Dave Bittner and Joe Carrigan, are cybersecurity experts who emphasize solutions as they unfurl tales of social engineering, phishing scams and online con artists of every stripe. Alarmed as you may feel by many episodes, you’ll leave with a better sense of how to protect yourself.

Hacking Humans is available for subscription on all major streaming platforms.

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