JHUISI Offers Cybersecurity Courses at Local Community College

February 9, 2017

In August 2015, Johns Hopkins University (JHUISI) launched its academic program partnership with Hagerstown Community College (HCC) in Hagerstown, Maryland. During the fall semester, JHUISI delivered a series of seminar lectures on selected topics in cybersecurity.  This is the second year that JHUISI has partnered with HCC.

“We’re very pleased with our partnership with HCC.  Building bridges to students who are starting their careers in cybersecurity by sharing our excitement about the wide variety of technical challenges can be energizing and inspiring to the students,” said Anton Dahbura, JHUISI Executive Director.

Over the course of the Fall 2016 semester, JHUISI faculty, staff, and Master of Science in Security Informatics (MSSI) program students developed and delivered a series of 12 lectures.  Each lecturer touched on a different area of research.  Most MSSI program students who delivered a lecture focused on the subjects of their final capstone research projects.  Student topics included Covert Channels, Hacking UAVs, Cloud Computing Security, and Developing Effective Policy. HCC students who attended the class receive credit toward their associate degree. JHUISI Systems Engineer and Lecturer Joe Carrigan said that the purpose of these lectures is twofold. “They provide our students exposure and an additional platform to share their research. They also offer the HCC students the opportunity to learn from cybersecurity experts,” said Carrigan. JHUISI faculty provided lectures on topics such as Data Visualization and Digital Forensics, Zero Knowledge Proofs, Software Diversity, among others.

JHUISI is always looking for ways to reach out to other educational institutions.  This lecture series fits our outreach mission very well and is a very rewarding part of our overall outreach efforts.

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