JHUISI is involved in a collaborative effort to protect privacy of medical records as a participant in the ONC SHARP program. At Johns Hopkins, we are working on applying attribute-based encryption (ABE) to electronic medical records to achieve role based access control with several efficiency improvements. The SHARP Security (SHARPS) grant consists of over $15 million spread across twelve universities, and Johns Hopkins is playing a leadership role in several of the key components of the project. The Johns Hopkins team is leading the Electronic Health Records (EHR) thrust. The EHR project focuses on issues related to the security and privacy of health records within a single enterprise, such as a hospital or doctor's office. The EHR project includes three components: (1) Self-Protecting EHR addresses defense-in-depth protection of records within an enterprise or in outsourcing by using attribute-based encryption to enforce SHARPS-developed protection requirements; (2) Policy Terrain and Implications of HIT addresses the inadequacy of existing frameworks for formulating and understanding privacy policies by developing contextual integrity underpinnings for application-enabling privacy practices; and (3) Privacy-Aware Health Information Systems meets needs for highly assured conformance to privacy policies by developing new strategies for building such systems based on trust management systems.

More information can be found at sharps.org

Pseudorandom Number Generators on Atmel AVR AT90USB1287 Microcontrollers - Matthew Pagano, Computer Security Architecture

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