Program Requirements

(effective starting for the students entering in Fall 2013)

The successful completion of the MSSI degree requires:

  • Ten regular courses of three or more credit hours, or the equivalent:
    • Four Technology courses including at least three Core Technology courses and one Core Technology course in Cryptography.
    • Four Core Policy/Health/Management courses including at least one course from each category of Policy, Health, and Management.
    • Two additional courses from Core or Elective Technology courses; or when deemed appropriate relative to a student's background, interests, and goals AND with the prior approval by the faculty advisor, from Elective Policy/Health/Management courses or (at most one) from Foundational Technology courses.
  • A Capstone Project:
    • The students register for 650.(736/737/738) Information Security Projects in their second semester in the program for this project. The 650.(736/737/738) Information Security Projects is NOT counted toward the above Ten-course requirement.
    • In general, the project will include both technology and non-technology components, and be conducted within a team-structured environment comprised of students and faculty mentors (plus external mentors if appropriate).
    • The project topic should relate to real-world problems and exhibit both theoretical and practical significance. The project execution should follow the best practice of software engineering.
    • The project outcome must be documented by a final report and presentation, as well as other applicable deliverables including but not limited to system prototypes, utility libraries, experimental demonstrations, conference or journal submissions, and so on.
    • The project can be sponsored by government/industry partners and affiliates of the Information Security Institute, or be related to faculty research programs supported by grants and contracts.


  • All courses toward the degree requirement must be 400-level or above.
  • The overall grade point average of the courses counted towards the coursework requirements must be a 3.00 or higher.
  • At most, two independent study courses can be counted toward the course requirements.
  • No courses with grades of P may be counted with the exception of 650.736, 650.737, 650.738 and independent study courses.
  • At most two courses with grades less than B- may be counted towards the course work requirements. No courses with grades with less than C- may be counted.
  • At most two courses may be transferred from other institutions. The student's faculty advisor and the director of Information Security Institute must approve such transfer courses.
  • Courses not found on the area-specific lists can be used to meet area requirements with written approval from the student's advisor and one additional faculty member.
  • A grade of D or F results in probation. A second D or F is cause for being dropped from the program.
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