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Securing information, whether it is business operations on one hand or personal and private data on the other, is one of the emerging challenges of the electronic age. The world is increasingly dependent upon digital communications in sophisticated networks and by turn increasingly vulnerable to a compromise of our lives and livelihood. The Johns Hopkins University Information Security Institute (JHUISI) is a collaborative initiative by business, government, and academic researchers, thinkers and practitioners established to address the major security and privacy issues in their technical, business, legal and policy contexts. The Institute embodies the University's fundamental mission to advance human knowledge through research and education and to help apply that knowledge in matters of crucial importance.


  1. Create an inter-disciplinary and cross-divisional environment for research and study of issues related to information security, including technology, privacy, strategic management and a number of other emerging fields.
  2. Establish effective feedback loops with organizations outside of academia in order to sharpen our research and education and to create new opportunities for programs and projects for the University and its partners.
  3. By developing programs of the highest quality, establish JHU's eminence in the field in the eyes of both researchers and practitioners.
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